Congratulations on your leadership role in the Army. As you lead Soldiers, it’s important to know the elements of financial readiness as it leads to mission readiness.

You have access to many resources to become educated and empowered to lead your Soldiers towards financial freedom. Here you will find educational videos, handouts, and instructions for the Army’s Vantage System to track mandatory training.

Below is a link to a comprehensive economic security toolkit.

1. Overview
2. Need for a PFM and Financial Warning Signs
3. Financial Planning
4. Retirement System Overview
5. Understanding and Managing TSP
6. Conclusion

Are you a Company, Battalion, or Brigade Commander, Command Sergeant Major, or First Sergeant? Utilize the Financial Readiness Tracker to see and address all of your Soldier’s financial readiness milestone requirements.

Watch this 0:59 video to help you get started.

Digital Training Management System

Use this helpful tool to record the Financial Readiness Common Military Training into the Digital Training Management System (DTMS) to ensure your Soldiers have met all training requirements.

Common Military Training

Army Financial Readiness Common Military Training – Your Guide to Record Training Completion

Financial Training Handouts