Future Soldier Training

Congratulations, Soldier, on your decision to join the Army!

Whether your career lasts years or decades, you have made a great choice to serve your country and be a part of the greatest military in the world.

On this page, you will find a comprehensive guide, videos and handouts to help you make informed decisions on issues regarding your personal finances, education and benefits. We hope this information will help you start your career on the right path.

To begin Future Soldier training, click on the guide to get started. Read each page, watch each video and review the accompanying handouts. Once you have completed those steps, open the acknowledgement form. You may fill this out online and then save or print to provide this to your recruiter.

1. Welcome
2. Prepare Your Banking
3. Plan for Your Paychecks
4. IRS Form W-4
5. Service members’ Group Life Insurance
6. Beneficiaries
7. GI Bill® Benefits
8. Retirement Benefits
9. Army Spouses