Welcome to Your Trusted Source for Financial Education.
Just as you train for your specialty, military professionalism, and new and emerging technology, you must also keep advancing your knowledge on financial matters. The following collection of training modules are linked to your career and life milestones to provide you just the right knowledge and skills at the right time to make the most of a complex financial world.

Additional Resources

Army Emergency Relief helps Soldiers and families like you and yours every day with scholarships, grants and loans that are always free of interest and fees.

Military OneSource is your 24/7 connection to an accredited financial counselor. Get support evaluating savings programs, learn how to talk to creditors and get help weighing your financial options.

Welcome to the Department of Defense Office of Financial Readiness website! You will find resources, education and support for every stage of financial readiness — whether you’re just getting started learning about finances, interested in tweaking your current plan, or ready to jump in with both feet.