Educational Videos

AER Financial Literacy Training: To receive credit on your existing AER loan, you must follow these three steps:

  1. Watch all videos on Debt, Major Purchases, and Spending Plan(expected time: less than one hour)
  2. Take 25 Question Quiz here
  3. If you score 80% or above:
    • E4 and below can receive a credit of up to $500 on your existing loan (increase effective 1 January 2023)

    • E5 and above can receive a credit of up to $250 on your existing loan (increase effective of 1 January 2023)

Choose a character in one of our simulations. Put yourself in their shoes by navigating military life and making financial decisions. In a fun and interactive way, you’ll learn about personal financial topics and understand how they relate and affect each other.

Attention leaders! Be sure to check out The Challenge for guidance on how to lead your Soldiers through potentially difficult topics.



1. Debt Destroyer Step 1 - Stop the Bleeding
2. Debt Destroyer Step 2 - Build a Safety Net
3. Debt Destroyer Step 3 - Confront Your Debt
4. Debt Destroyer Step 4 - Know Your Cash Flow
5. Debt Destroyer Step 5 - Adjust Your Cash Flow
6. Debt Destroyer Step 6 - Pay It Down
7. How To Use Debt Wisely
8. How Will Debt Fit in Your Future
9. Pros and Cons of Credit Card Debt

major_purchases_icon_whiteMajor Purchases 

1. Car Buying 1: Five Fundamental Steps to Vehicle Financing
2. Car Buying 2: Dealer Add-Ons
3. Car Buying 3: Let Me Talk to My Sales Manager
4. Car Buying 4: New Versus Pre-Owned
5. Car Buying 5: Trade-ins and Negative Equity
6. Car Buying 6: What Do You Want Your Payment To Be?

budget_icon_whiteSpending Plan 

1. How To Keep From Blowing Your Spending Plan
2. Step 1 - Know Your Current Situation
3. Step 2 - Where Your Money Should Go
4. Step 3 - Create a Plan
5. Step 4 - Make Adjustments
6. Why You Need a Spending Plan

AER Training: Take 25 Question Quiz Here