Marriage Videos

1. Course Overview
2. Communication
3. Transition to Documents
4. Documents Part 1
5. Documents Part 2
6. Transition to Financial Planning
7. Spending Plan
8. Emergency Funds
9. Financial Planning
10. Credit
11. Banking
12. Financial Plan Wrap Up and Transition to Insurance
13.Health and Property Insurance
14. Life Insurance
15.Resources and Wrap Up

Marriage Handouts

Military RetirementDownload
Education Benefits and SavingsDownload
Survivor Benefits OverviewDownload
Major PurchasesDownload
TRICARE OverviewDownload
Understanding CreditDownload
Estate PlanningDownload
Paying Off Student LoansDownload
Spending Plan WorksheetDownload
5 Rules of Buying a HouseDownload
My Rating as a Money ManagerDownload
Financial ValuesDownload
Free Credit MonitoringDownload

Marriage Checklists

Counselor ChecklistDownload
Soldier ChecklistDownload