Pre-Deployment Videos

1. Overview
2. Financial Planning
3. Set Up 11 Things to Know Before You Go
4. Managing Payments While Deployed
6. Student Loans
7. Combat Zone Tax Exclusion
8. Active Duty Alerts
9. Savings and Financial Emergencies
10. Savings Deposit Program
11. TSP Contributions During Deployment
12. Life Insurance, SGLI, and Other Potential
13. Legal Documents & Estate Planning
14. Insurance (Medical, Auto, Property)
15. Final Wrap-Up

Pre-Deployment Handouts

Financial Warning SignsDownload
Survivor Benefits OverviewDownload
Thrift Savings PlanDownload
Sources of Help for Military ConsumersDownload
TRICARE OverviewDownload
Military Consumer ProtectionDownload
Combat Zone Tax ExclusionDownload
Paying Off Student LoansDownload
Spending Plan WorksheetDownload
Free Credit MonitoringDownload

Pre-Deployment Checklists

Counselor ChecklistDownload
Soldier ChecklistDownload