Disabling Sickness or Condition

It can be incredibly overwhelming if you or a family member — whether it’s a child or an adult — experience a disabling sickness or condition.

To help reduce stress and make any transition easier, you’ll want to gather as much information as possible and discuss important issues with others who will be impacted by the situation. In this section, you will find checklists, handouts, and videos to help you manage your finances more efficiently as you work through your life changes.

1. Disabling Sickness or Condition Overview
2. Spending Plan and Emergency Funds
3. Taxes
4. Changes to Your Lifestyle
5. Housing and Transportation Needs
6. Education Benefits
7. Caring For Aging Loved Ones
8. Trans to Insurance and Planning for the Future
9. Health Insurance
10. Life Insurance
11. Estate Planning and Survivor Benefits
12. Retirement Overview
13. Final Thoughts