Completing a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) often means adjusting to changes and starting new routines. This is especially true for your finances and cash flow.

A PCS move can often be overwhelming, but the Army has many different resources to help you in this endeavor. In this section, you will find checklists, handouts, and videos to help optimize your resources and strategize ways to complete your upcoming move without breaking your spending plan.

1. Overview
2. Testimonials
3. Financial Planning
4. Housing Expenses Before You Move
5. Vehicle Expenses Before You Move
6. Misc. Expenses Before You Move
7. Recap: Expenses Before
8. During Expenses
9. Recap: Expenses During
10. Expenses After You Move
11. Money Tips 1-5
12. Money Tips 6-10
13. Resources
14. Recap: Resources